Artist's Statement

My artwork has evolved with me as I move through life. There are many elements which have remained the same since I was a girl - and many that I have added over the years. When I look over my paintings I can see that the overall themes of nature and color have remained, and I have learned to incorporate what I have learned along my journey into my current work. I also paint in a more abstract manner, alongside the more realistic work.

One of most important elements in my work is the use of color. I am particularly interested in how color itself, rather than shading or composition, affect mood and the viewer's response to my work. I have used the same or variations on a compositional theme repeatedly, using different colors and color combinations to achieve different moods and responses to my work.

I am also interested in nature as it appears in a "natural" environment, rather than one where plants and land formations are manipulated or designed by people. To this end, I have concentrated on wild areas, which man has overlooked, such as country roadsides - spaces where the plants are not planted or managed. I believe natural variety and selection is infinitely more interesting and dynamic than anything organized by a person.

My most recent projects deal with three new themes, time, animals and heavenly bodies.
Time: I have been looking at the same scene and how it changes over time do to changes of light or changes in season. It is the color, as well as the obvious foliage and water, which reflect the change of time.
Animals: I have always been a great lover of animals and love to portray them in their natural settings, hopefully with a bit of humor.
Heavenly bodies: An imaginative look as the cosmos

Views of nature by Sarah Aslakson